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Typewriter: every writer's dream?

I always wanted a typewriter. When I was a child, to me it was the ultimate tool. I was hypnotised by the velocity of my grand-mother's fingers dancing on the buttons, the music of the keys' clack when they hit, while she was doing the office work for the family business. It was the ultimate skill, typing without even looking at the keyboard.

I may have had one for children in the early 1980's but I am not sure, maybe it was one of my cousins.

Starting my writing career quite late, as a result of my middle-life crisis, rushing into doing what I always dreamt of but too scared or busy to do, the idea of getting a typewriter stuck to my mind. My birthday is coming in a little bit more than a month, and since I reached the roaring forties, I treat myself with a nice gift every year.

So I started to search on internet, found some shops around Australia refurbishing them, but not they didn't have much choice, and it needed to be the one, love at first sight. I gathered more, hesitating between the 1920's-1930's beautiful antique pieces, great for display or to type just a little bit but not more, and the 1950's-1960's functional manual portables which were performant, versatile and durable.

I must admit that the colour and the design were important to me. I was seduced by the Hermes Baby and all the great reviews about it...until I came across the Hermes 300, feminine, rounder with her elegant curves, a beautiful mint green piece of art, compact, with many office features, ideal for a writer.

I found this beauty on Etsy, coming from a Spanish shop where they refurbish, lubricate, clean and instal a new ribbon on all their machines. The Hermes 300 is vintage but they also have different repainted models. Of course the price is higher than many others which can be found in attics, markets, etc...but as it is serviced by an experienced former technician, it is in perfect working condition. And now, I just have to wait for it to travel the world.

I am so excited, I can already hear the music of the letters appearing on paper, chanting melody boosting my imagination, magical feeling of becoming the kind of writer I always pictured, alone, in an intimate conversation with my typewriter.

How do you write? Pen and paper ? Computer? Laptop? Or do you have the same romantic ideal than me, the irreplaceable type writer ?

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