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Tribe is war. Writing is love. I choose love.

How our connection with words varies depending on our background and/or experience.

I was watching a writing craft video when my mentor said the word "tribe". My back hardened and I had to stop the video to gather my thoughts. I assume that she said it meaning community, a group you belong to, a family, and somehow in a nurturing sense; but for me it doesn't have the same meaning.

As you may know, French is coming from Latin and Greek. Since a young age at school we learn etymology in French classes because it helps us to understand our language. So to me tribe has an inherent violent connotation, it's coming from a division and has a historical meaning of clan or race.


Nowadays, people want to find their tribe in order to belong, to find a community of like minded people - actually they're kind of desperate to find their tribe, because marketing says that you're valuable only being out of the box BUT part of a tribe, meditate this one for me please.

Although it's with a good intention, modern tribes tend to send a message of exclusion, and to erase individuality or the permission to have a different opinion, life style, diet, haircut, and so on:


Look at all those wellness movements and fad diet gurus stirring anger. Look at all those new converted vegans (not that I have anything against vegans, my body didn't react well to the diet though) shaming you all the time as a meat eater, a cruel blood thirsty person, unaware of the environmental issues. Well, we have six pets at home that we love to the moon and back, but we eat meat because :

1. We love it

2. I have a weird low red blood cell count which is under control only if I eat rare and sometimes raw red meat.

To me writers are a community, where people with different backgrounds, experiences, religions, lifestyles, come together because they have something in common: the love of words. It includes people. There's no wrong nor right in writing, no style better than another. It's the freedom of speech and to express ourselves the way we want to.

Can you imagine how awkward it would be:

- Published Authors vs Unpublished Authors

- Poets vs Novelists

- Romance vs Erotica

- Sci-Fi vs Children's book Authors

...and so on.

I'm glad to be part of a tremendous community of beautiful writers coming from everywhere in the world, some writing since they were children, some started yesterday, some are already successful, and the others will be...but I never ever want to be part of a tribe.

Tribe is war, writing is love. I choose love.


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