• V.P Colombo

The Sacred Water

If you don't feel well enough to write, do some research, get out of the house, be inspired by what is surrounding you! It is what I did last Friday. The sun was shining, the birds chirping, and it was going to be a beautiful day. So I dragged my daughter with me, one hour bus trip to get there, but eventually she agreed to come with me.

As we arrived in Coogee, the temperature was cooler than we expected, due to the crisp ocean breeze. We thought we would be too cold to take off our clothes, and enjoy the sun's caress on our skin. We placed the take away meal on our white and blue mandala rounded beach towel, and ate, observing the few brave persons jumping in the cold waves. After warming up a little, we decided to show off our bikinis and sunbake ; but I am not very good at staying still so I run to the shore and dipped my feet into the freezing water. Despite my strong will to brave the cold waters of Coogee Beach, I was stopped in impetus when a frosty curl crashed on my stomach. But I wouldn't give up, I had to swim that day !

I then turned to the beautiful rock pool, which fortunately was two to three degrees warmer than the ocean, and dived into it with an immense felicity. I enjoyed the calmness of being alone, the freshness and vitality of the salt water enveloping my body, the shells and algae's shades and textures lining the ground with magnificence. I was free and deliciously alive, present in the moment, and it was mine, only mine. I had waited, jailed in winter clothes, tightening me with unease layer by layer, during six months for this instant: this incredible feeling of being light, supported, loved by Mother Nature. I was home. I found myself again, reunited with my sacred element.

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