• V.P Colombo

On words and meaning

As strange as it seems, when it comes to express accurately my emotions I struggle to find the right words. Firstly, because English is not my native language and I am still learning. Secondly, because even in French I have to add an explanation to describe the nuance I want to show. It feels as if the vocabulary wasn't vast enough to interpret my thoughts. It can be frustrating.

Therefore when using text messages, it is even more difficult to communicate. Can I, in a very short paragraph, correctly depict my feelings? And how can I stop being mislead, as I automatically add meaning, right or wrong, to what I receive? Those instant interactions being only an infinitesimal insight of what my interlocutors suggest.

In a world of over communication, I suddenly sense a growing gap between me and others, a sea of misunderstandings. And I am wondering if it does affect my writing too. Am I able to depict exactly what I want in my stories, or will there always be an immensity of various perceptions, depending on the imagination, the moods and the responsiveness of my readers?

I guess I will never know...

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