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Updated: May 23, 2019

This is a conceptual pitch for a crowd funding project we were asked to do as a collaborative assignment in our Gamified Media unit at Deakin University, created by Group 8 (Georgia Alice Bladwell Bell, Jonathan Douglas, Suyi Li, Virginie Pavan-Colombo, Mei Ling Tong).

NOVELUST is a new mobile app that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide you with a limitless amount of prompts especially catered to your needs to unlock your creativity and keep you writing.

Goal: $70,000

NOVELUST will bring back creativity into your life. With hundreds of thousands of prompts to help you take the next step in your writing, whether it’s the next chapter of your novel or the introduction of your essay for Uni. You’ll never lust for another writing application than NOVELUST.


NOVELUST was founded on the idea that writers (novelist, fiction, self-help, student, academics) needed some help to keep their creativity flowing. We have developed an application which will help you reach your full potential wherever you are in your writing.

Our goal is to help people’s development in writing with structure and creativity.

There are many free applications or platforms that also help to inspire writers, such as Spotify playlists and IA Writer. However, NOVELUST stands out from the rest thanks to its Artificial Intelligence features and gamified elements.

Our application offers a new way to stay motivated. After a certain word count or amount of time – which you’ll decide before each writing session, it could be five minutes, one hour, one hundred words or ten pages, our choice – NOVELUST will unlock prompts especially catered to your needs, so you can keep writing and not stay stuck staring at a blank page or at your computer screen. More you write more content is unlocked.

It's a win-win situation, and the bonus point is that the content is unlimited!

Whatever you are writing and wherever you are in your writing, NOVELUST will keep you going.

Writing a book is easier with the help of NOVELUST, allowing you to map your ideas and plot your storyline. In addition to Artificial Intelligence, our amazing content creators generate prompts for when you are stuck.


NOVELUST provides a solution to

many students, writers, academics and readers. Unlock more fun and expand your creativity when writing; but creating an application that requires Artificial Intelligence requires a tremendous budget.

With your support, we will be able to hire the best application creators on the market in order to deliver a fantastic and unique user-friendly experience to all our customers, from children in primary school to seasoned novelists.

Your support will give us the time to produce limitless prompts, and we will be able to cover thousands of topics with infinite possibilities created for the needs of every writer, amateur or professional (using Artificial Intelligence technology and content creators).


Our main challenge revolves around creating such a broad content and implementing it in a user-friendly application. Although we believe this project can benefit a majority of people, we are aware that it may take some time before reaching our audience.

Because of how advanced the needed technology is to create our proposed application, including: Artificial Intelligence and connecting to the internet to source different genres, information and facts, for various writing topics (fictional and non-fictional); it may be difficult for the application to achieve the exact vision we have in the near future. Realistically, it may take a few years to be fully developed.

NOVELUST will only be available in English, when released. Will language barriers affect it success? However, in the case NOVELUST reaches a broad audience straight away, we plan to

make it accessible in different languages in the future.


We didn't want to keep you waiting too much, therefore we have already started creating content to deliver you the beta version in March 2021. The full version will be available, at the latest, by June 2021.

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