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Hemingway envy

Even if I am far from Hemingway's talent, writing short stories, being in one of these moods, I felt the urge to drink one of my favourite cocktails : the Hemingway Daiquiri of course !

Although I couldn't find all the ingredients -don't get me wrong, I always have Caribbean rum at home- especially the Maraschino liqueur, I made my own mix which is almost drinkable.

But it serves its purpose, getting me drunk, very efficiently.

I don't know why Hemingway stuck to me all day, I kept on thinking about him, from my Corona 3 or 4 envy, to this feeling of being rejected and misunderstood by the people I love. So I am going to follow his lead.

Although I did write a good half of a food short story today, tonight I am going to vomit on paper all my frustration, my anger, my pain. Today my daughter told me I was the stereotype of a writer, too tormented to be happy and enjoy life fully, maybe it's true. So before bleeding words, as this famous man would say, I leave you with this quote :

"The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places." Ernest Hemingway.

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