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5 Things to Know About Creating and Sharing Content

This photo comes from Wix free images. I am allowed to use it for my blog.

1. Be creative!

It's not always easy to create new content for every Blog post, every Instagram photo, every Tweet, but it's a way to be authentic with your readers/followers and to create or be part of a broader community.

Explore, write, take photos, see the world from a different angle, ask questions, answer questions, etc...

Heaps of accounts are about sharing others' content but frankly even if they have a large amount of followers, they're just another soul less online account. They haven't created anything just harvested the benefits of someone else's creativity. Which brings me to my following point.

2. Be aware of Copyright

If you decide to share content which is not your own, always:

- Seek permission if it's under Copyright.

- Acknowledge the creator of the content, and cite them, tag them, etc...

In A Little Bite of Happiness, one of my stories' title is a quote from a famous author. The quote and the author are cited and acknowledged.

As a writer and a pastry chef, I am more than happy when readers share photos of my book, of the desserts they made from my recipes, if they tag me. I'm not happy when people share the entire recipe and a story I took years to develop, without asking me, because it's my work, not theirs.

- Look for licensed content available to share and Creative Commons-frankly I didn't know this term until today's lecture on Social Media and Copyright. Basically for licensed content such as Flick'r, Shutter Stock, Wix Images, Sound Cloud musi, etc... I’ll come back to you about Creative Commons once I understand fully what they are.

Licensed content is widely used, more than you'd think. For example, most book covers come from one of these Image banks.

Although the cover of A Little Bite of Happiness was especially designed, and most pictures are from photos I took of my desserts, some pictures come from Shutter Stock.

My daughter took this photo of Lola and texted it to me.

I am not allowed to share this photo:

- I didn't take it.

- I didn't seek permission.

- I didn't acknowledge the photographer by their name or business name.

- Even if I added a filter, I'm not the creator of this photo.

What should I do?

- Run downstairs or text her back and seek permission.

- Say that this photo was taken by Clémence from Untamed by Clémence Photography even if this is clearly not a photo she'd want in her portfolio - FYI her Instagram is up to date. I have to talk to her about her website though.

- Ask Lola's permission. Maybe she doesn't want the world to know that she is The Princess and The Pea.

3. Be consistent with your online identity.

- What do you want the world, potential employers, employees, potential love interests, etc... to know about you?

- What don't you want the world to know about you?

- Are you branding yourself or do you want to be genuine?

- Do you want to share only work related posts or do you want your followers to have a glimpse of your private life?

4. ...but your online identity can evolve too.

You might have changed career or started studying like I just did, and you might want to share that with the world as a new interest/direction. It doesn't have to change the platform you've already built but it can add more depth or nuance to it. It can also open the gate to new opportunities. Not everything has to stay separate.

5. Not everyone will like your content and that's OK!

True! We do seek validation but we won't get it from everyone. People have different tastes, they're interested in different topics and walks of life. People might even disagree with you...and that's OK.

You're not going to stop creating just because someone didn't like/shared/comment on it, are you?

Imagine if over the centuries painters, writers, musicians, physicians, etc... had stopped their art or science because of a lack of interest/audience. Where would be the world now?

Don't stop! Keep creating! If it's not good enough it will get better!

I write fiction, stories, and blogging is way out of my comfort zone but I'm learning...so bear with me.

If you want to read delicious stories about food illustrated by mouth watering and easy to make French recipes: A Little Bite of Happiness is available here, on Amazon, Kindle and Apple Books


V.P Colombo

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