• V.P Colombo

Ô Lemon!

Here are two very short paragraphs I wrote about a text I wanted to deliver so much that my stomach twisted. It was an urge, it was the time, but organising my thoughts was a real struggle.

"I am facing a huge challenge since few weeks trying to write about the love of my life : lemon. It is so versatile and complex that it is difficult to express the sensations that it triggers when touching my tongue. Maybe I take it the wrong way, anyway I asked my daughter to describe what she feels when she's eating it, all she could say or show is something like I tried to describe in those two photos, faces and bliss. Well I am writing a book, I can't add a video in it, therefore there is no other alternative for me than to find a way."

"My mind is a weird little thing while forcing myself writing about lemon, I ended up writing about blackberries and raspberries ( as a pastry chef and a master of flavours, they both have a perfect "accord" with lemon...), so connecting slowly, surely I don't know yet."

Writing is not just talent or inspiration, it is hard and tedious work, and the answer is not always where I look but hidden from my own perspective, I have to step back and observe from a different point of view.

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