Word on the Street


***** 5 Stars

It was amazing

This was such an enjoyable, lovely book. Unique too, I've never come across a recipe book like it before. The method of the recipe is often encapsulated within the short story, or vignette, that goes with it. Certainly the simpler ones anyway. The recipe consists of just the ingredients and measurements. It's a really fun way to read about it, though a little extra thought is required in the actual following of it. 

The other thing I particularly liked was the stories with ingredients personified. In these days of convenience stores and supermarkets it's easy to forget the exotic history of something like vanilla or lemons. This book made me look at them differently, as precious flavours not to be taken for granted. 

There is also a great mix of easy and harder recipes. The words 'Parisian pastry chef' can sound a bit scary to the less confident cook, but don't be put off. We aren't just talking macarons and profiteroles, those there is some of that too. There's also hot chocolate, Madeleine's and clafoutis. I highly recommend this book, whether you are an experienced cook or not! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make Pain Perdu.

Abigail Shepherd

***** 5 Stars
Reading for the 2nd time
It was amazing.
What a great little book! Filled with delicious recipes that I'm dying to try and lots of quirky, fun stories with a culinary twist. This is a real gem, I love it!

Tanya Natalie

***** 5 stars 

Lots of Happiness!

Passionate. Sensual. Exceptional. The well-written short stories were captivating, heartwarming and lifted my soul. The author's genuine love for her art(s) shone through clearly. I must admit, I was a tad intimidated of the recipes, as I am no cook. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to discover that one does not need to be a master of French cooking to follow. Can't wait to try some of them out. Great read!

Tammi Ann

***** 5 stars: 

Beautiful book inside out!

This book is absolutely fascinating. You will never think of ingredients & end results, as you did before - it all will have a greater purpose, meaning and a magical touch to it. Being a great French pastry lover myself, can't wait to try all these delicious recipes out!